The Team Builder
I find bottlenecks in Web development teams and improve their overall performance by redesigning essential processes and introducing the right tools for the job.


My name is Robert Pogorzelski. I am a programmer, team leader and systems architect, having good understanding of business needs, capable of balancing risk and operating within limited resources. Passionate about sharing knowledge and building teams. Strong believer in people.

Let me support you in:

Recruiting employees who fit your organizational culture.
Changing perception of your company in the community.
Motivating your team by creating better work environment.
Redesigning processes and introducing new tools.
Solving conflicts and matching employees by their skills.
Building the understanding of the organization strategic goals.

Case Studies

A selection of changes introduced in various settings:

Technological company

Year: 2014-2015
Programming languages: Python, JavaScript
Employees total: 50
Employees affected: 5
  • Initial phase of a large-scale project.
  • No final business requirements.
  • Additional people of various skills must be recruited.
  • Workflow, methodology, standards, all must be prepared before new hires.
  • Prepared a wiki with programming guidelines and general developer's how-to.
  • Designed development workflow around agile approach.
  • Introduced ticket management and version control systems.
  • Defined profiles of candidates required for this project.

Internet Startup

Year: 2013-2014
Programming languages: Python, JavaScript
Employees total: 25
Employees affected: 6
  • Lack of standards in software development.
  • Issues with software stability.
  • Large amount of time wasted on manual testing.
  • Outcome of tasks different from expected.
  • Introduced strict Python programming guidelines along with unit testing.
  • Supported team in solving several technical difficulties.
  • Wrote helper utilities for automated functional testing.
  • Coached project managers on describing tickets and issues typical for Web development.

Scientific research organization

Year: 2011-2012
Programming languages: Python, JavaScript
Employees total: 200
Employees affected: 15
  • Lack of standards in software development.
  • Very complex software and even more complex to maintain.
  • Highly stressful environment and lack of leadership.
  • Issues converting business requirements into tasks.
  • Introduced strict Python programming guidelines and procedures.
  • Convinced the product owner to rewrite application from scratch.
  • Reorganised the team and assigned responsibilities based on skills.
  • Introduced meetings where external stakeholders were communicating directly with the development team.

Technological company

Year: 2010-2011
Programming languages: PHP, Python, C#, JavaScript
Employees total: 40
Employees affected: 16
  • Issues with allocating resources shared by multiple project managers.
  • Problems delivering stable code base, frequently reintroduced bugs.
  • Low efficiency of the development team and external collaborators.
  • Poor communication between sales and IT departments.
  • Created a new position with responsibility of allocating and negotiating resources.
  • Introduced custom development method and version control with number of strict policies.
  • Created portfolio of the development team with internal currency to support decision making.
  • Moved developers into one room, banned desk phones and introduced daily meetings.
  • Prepared standardized documents for requesting changes, both externally and internally.
  • Reduced number of meetings between sales and production departments, allowing managers to discuss important matters without affecting current development.


References provided upon request.

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