These pictures were taken the first day the sun rose above the horizon after several months of polar night.

Living in the Arctic: 8 months

It is somehow difficult to sum up more than half a year of living in such place. The more time passes, the more the reality of the Arctic becomes something ordinary. During a blizzard you wear thicker clothes, goggles and zip pockets, so the snow doesn’t fill them up. A


What to wear during a polar night in the Arctic

Is is really that cold? One need to remember that the polar night in the Arctic, which for Svalbard means mid-October to the end of February, is a relatively warm period. Spring is a significantly cooler time of the year. So, the real issue are not very low temperatures, but


Safety in a polar bear country

Behavior of polar bears is much different to other bear species, mostly because of their complete isolation from the civilized world and not many opportunities to interact with people. Especially the younger ones are more likely to approach in order to investigate at a shorter distance. Apart from that, in the Arctic anything of a


Arctic Tips & Tricks for July

Emergency communication Spot messengers don’t work in Svalbard, don’t rely on these in case of emergency. However, DeLorme inReach devices work fine since they are based on Iridium network. Field tested. Health Be aware that even ordinary wounds take longer to heal. Be extra careful and make sure you have

First Aid training

Medical essentials for a long term travel

Better to have when needed You won’t probably need most of what is listed below if you are heading for a holiday to enjoy luxuries. However, if you plan on going to wilderness and remote areas, there are some essentials you must absolutely take. The list I put together is actually

Picture: Ecotourism in Svalbard by Woodwalker

A year on Spitsbergen: a packing list in the making

What to expect? It is somehow difficult to predict what you may need at a remote Arctic base, especially if you have never been there before. I asked around, did an extensive research, consumed a few books on polar expeditions and combined with my previous traveling experiences I put together

Picture: Tatra Mountains (Tatry), Poland

Which dry bag for hiking?

A wide variety of choices A dry bag, by definition, should be waterproof, which seems a fair assumption, however there are brands that somehow don’t get it right. Yes, there are dry bags leaky be design. We will talk about it later. Obviously, there is a limit to what a