Best free online tools for maps and route planning

I have been collecting tools for planning routes and mapping for couple years now. Some of my favorite projects are already offline (not really a good business I suppose), and a few new were recently published. However, planning travels is not about maps only. It’s also about weather conditions, safety, hazards, satellite images, supplies […]

Suunto Traverse Alpha vs Garmin Fenix 3 HR

This is quite a sad story I have to tell this time. I have no bad feelings about the brand, I don’t feel cheated, nothing of that kind. I decided to write this post because I care about other adventurers looking for the right tool for the job who may make the same mistake […]

DeLorme inReach Explorer

inReach Explorer – a two-way satellite communicator

I have to admit, I was quite skeptical at first. I expect things to work, apart from being cool, good looking gadgets. Turns out, inReach Explorer from DeLorme is probably one of the most useful and affordable electronic devices for serious wilderness trekking available. Why remote areas and why serious? Because it’s probably cheaper and easier to […]

Smartphone or a handheld GPS?

GPS Montana 650t vs a smartphone

Does it make sense to buy a GPS handheld for backpacking and outdoor activities? Until quite recently, proponents had several good arguments for choosing dedicated devices over smartphones, such as lack of topographical maps, lack of advanced localization functionality, poor battery life, inability to work without Internet connection and design usually too fragile […]

What both Paul Graham and Tim O’Reilly are missing about inequality

Posted originally in Medium. The discussion between Paul Graham and Tim O’Reilly is fascinating in the sense that both are talking about the differences which for most of the humanity may be difficult to notice or for some may even seem ridiculous. These two prominent figures of the technology world seem seriously concerned about the income inequality […]

Hornsund, Svalbard

Planning a 11,500 km walk through South America

The route is the most important aspect of traveling. Distance, weather conditions and infrastructure decide what equipment we must have, what risks we need to be prepare for and what will be the final budget of the expedition. The original plan was to cross the Andes in the south, at […]

These pictures were taken the first day the sun rose above the horizon after several months of polar night.

Living in the Arctic: 8 months

It is somehow difficult to sum up more than half a year of living in such place. The more time passes, the more the reality of the Arctic becomes something ordinary. During a blizzard you wear thicker clothes, goggles and zip pockets, so the snow doesn’t fill them up. A […]


What to wear during a polar night in the Arctic

Is is really that cold? One need to remember that the polar night in the Arctic, which for Svalbard means mid-October to the end of February, is a relatively warm period. Spring is a significantly cooler time of the year. So, the real issue are not very low temperatures, but […]


Safety in a polar bear country

Behavior of polar bears is much different to other bear species, mostly because of their complete isolation from the civilized world and not many opportunities to interact with people. Especially the younger ones are more likely to approach in order to investigate at a shorter distance. Apart from that, in the Arctic anything of a […]