Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15 backpack

What I like the most about this backpack is its flexibility, both in terms of adjustments and all the straps, zippers, pockets, bells and whistles available right where you would expect them to be. But that comes for a price – it’s quite heavy (3.1kg). If you don’t need to take at least 25% of your body weight, I would consider grabbing a lighter one.

Now about the features I found especially useful. First of all, the built-in rain cover – does its job very well, pouring rain does no harm. However, I would prefer having the cover pulled out from the top, not the bottom of the backpack. Another useful thing is the hip belt zipped pocket, which is big enough for your mobile, small digital camera and some sweeties. There is also front opening and the main compartment that you can unzip from inside the sleeping bag part – it comes very handy when you have more stuff attached at the bottom (just remember to unzip before packing your stuff).

The way it is designed creates tensions on zippers when the backpack is fully loaded. It might be frustrating sometimes. Also, forget about the “detachable daypack” feature made of the top lid that you can detach if you are patient enough. Seriously, it’s much easier to carry a small, lightweight backpack inside a larger one, than to fight with these straps. This was a huge disappointment. Jack Wolfskin Escalade is a great example of how this could be done better.

Nevertheless, Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15 is very comfortable, flexible backpack with excellent venting properties for your back and adjustable for any height. Tested on humans with good results. Absolutely safe to buy online.

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