Beautiful hills of green and waste

City. Keeping trash containers locked, sterile and all the surrounding area clean casts a special kind of spell that protects civilized people from accessing the dark underworld. Poor people or the ones who made such choice, are not allowed to dive in, since that would revoke that powerful magic from our fulfilled, optimistic world of ultimate prosperity. If not the odor, recalling of the transience, the old truth that nothing comes from nothing, and that no structure, especially the organic one, is eternal, could have been completely forgotten. That odor marks the thin line between life and death and reminds of insignificance of collecting goods, the thought, that if people were allowed to think, millions could have turn hopeless and depressed, and their materialistic dreams irreversibly ruined. As a result, some could stop chasing money, reduce their consumption rates and start enjoying life, or even become activists, leading to decline of the domestic growth and inevitable fall of the industrial civilization. Perhaps this is the reason why most trash containers are locked. To prevent collapse of the civilization.